A Briefing on the Yue Opera Town

A Briefing on the Yue Opera Town

The Yue Opera Town is located in Shijiaao Village of Ganlin Town, Shengzhou City, Zhejiang province. It is the first town in China named after an opera genre, and the birthplace of Womens Yue Opera.Coveringanareaof3.68 square kilometers,it is inspired by YueOpera but not limitedto it. The town revers the idea of YueOpera and Yue style of life and strives to create a Xanadu for modern people.

Theatre Fans Hall

    The hall is a platform for fans to communicate. It offers four functions: experience and singing teaching, makeup experience, opera performance and body shaping, and opera rhyme training

Ancient Opera House

    The Ancient Opera House is the centerpiece of the first phase of cultural tourism, and the most classic inheritance and innovation of Chinese opera house traditions, tracing the century-old history of YueOpera back to its roots. Its stage, inspired by the Forbidden Citys Changyin Pavilion, incorporates the western style of protruding and flanking stage design, creating an innovative and interactive space for both classical and modern performances. The audience love it asthe Golden Hall of Chinese Yue Opera.



Juxian Pavillion

    Juxian Pavilion is a four-story tower that showcases in the timeline of history the lives and thoughts of prominent historical figures from Shengzhou. It is a rich exhibition of the cultural heritage of Yueregion, and a towering symbol of Yue Opera Towns spirit.



Yue Opera Town Intangible Cultural Heritage Master's Art Gallery

    Yue Opera Town Intangible Cultural Heritage Master's Art Gallery, a collection of bamboo weaving hall, wood carving hall, red porcelain hall, YueOpera intangible cultural heritage display, Shanxi rattan paper + calligraphy hall, Weiqi hall, makes it possible that the traditional skills are displayed and inherited here, and visitors enjoy the fun of sightseeing, shopping and entertainment while watching and experiencing.